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Our Mission Statement: Tsuneyoshi Property Solutions (TPS), LLC provides premier real estate solutions to increase the standard of living and revive neighborhoods by overall improving the housing quality available to residents.

Our Values:

1) Ethics & Integrity– Doing what is right….under all circumstances.

2) Excellence & Honor- Giving 100%….all the time.  Results based.

3) Professionalism & Respect– Creating long lasting relationships.

4) Service– Helping Families….Building Communities.

Tsuneyoshi Property Solutions, LLC is a Veteran and Locally owned business that operates on the same foundations that the owner brings from his military background and his family roots in Hawaii to provide the island’s premier real estate solutions.  Our goal is to meet with homeowners prior to listing their home on the MLS to provide them with the most advantageous options for their situations.  We typically are able to provide a wider range of options if we are involved earlier in on the process.  We believe that informed homeowners are able to make better decisions for their situations.

However, we also have the ability through our licensed Realtor Associates to sell your house via the traditional route as well.  Our licensed Realtor Associates can also assist you in your next home purchase! (Realtor Associate, RS-78316: Pacific Intl Realty)

Our Kupuna Housing Solutions prepare our Seniors home environment to empower them to continue carrying on with their daily lives as safely and efficiently as possible while maintaining their quality of life.

Our military relocation services are based off our own past experiences in military PCSing and our desire to make the transition as stress free as possible.  This service also includes property management.

Call us first….let us provide you options with no obligations.  Give us a call today at (808) 234-9424 or email earl@tsuneyoshipropertysolutions.com to let us know what YOU need help with!


Realtor Associate-RS 78316, Pacific International Realty

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