Beginner’s Guide To Staging For An Open House

Beginner’s Guide To Staging For An Open House

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An Open House can be a great way to draw in potential buyers when you’re selling a home.
When you’re holding an open house, you’ll want to make sure your home is warm and inviting – without revealing too much about yourself as the seller. Staging your home, or After Living Areamaking it look attractive inside by “dressing it up”, can help you next time you’re selling a home. Here are a few tips for beginners who want to stage their home to sell:

• Pack up your personal items. Box up your family photos and other family-specific memorabilia. You may love having your keiki’s trophies in the living room, but they’ll distract potential buyers. You want them to envision their personal belongings in the space – and that can be hard to do with your stuff cluttering up their vision.
• Bathrooms. Use baskets in the bathroom to make it look airy and open. Put a large wicker basket full of white towels next to the shower, and place a basket of luxurious bath products on the edge of the tub.
• Mantels and bookshelves. Draw attention to architectural details like fireplaces and built-in bookshelves by placing interesting knick-knacks, unlit candles or bright books on them. Group them in odd numbers for the biggest visual impact.
• Windows. Put up window treatments that are lush – think silk or other luxurious fabrics. When you’re holding the open house, make sure the curtains are open to let in as much light as possible.
• Kitchen. Make the kitchen look appealing and homey by strategically placing bright, colorful cookbooks and kitchen utensils on the counters. A big bowl of fresh fruit adds visual appeal. Make sure the cabinets are clean. You can use orange oil to shine them up for the big day.
• Bedrooms. Make sure the bedrooms are gender-neutral. Purchasing a simple white duvet cover to place over current bedding can make the room genderless – and make it look more open and airy.
• Fresh flowers. Place a few bunches of fresh flowers in simple, pretty vases around the home to make it look welcoming. Fresh flowers are a signal of understated luxury, and can be an inexpensive way to make your home look inviting.

Next time you’re selling a home, make sure you stage your home for the open house. Making it clean, bright and warm can be your path to profits – and a quick sale.



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